A Taste for Adventure

By Alicia Pettis

Give the Gift of Georgetown

Give the Gift of Georgetown was an established giving campaign hosted in December before I came into the role with Georgetown. However, I wanted to bring a stronger brand identity to the campaign to both excite new donors and motivate class ambassadors to reach out to peers to give. To do this, I created a strong visual identity with 46 unique images & videos, designed a responsive website, and conducted email marketing campaigns. The campaign was extremely effective and resulted in an increase of 58% in year-end donor participation.


Give the Gift of Georgetown was an 8-day long giving campaign to see which class could get the most new donors between Dec. 1st and 8th, 2020. There were 5 classes competing in the competition. The overall goal was to recruit as many new donors as possible in support of Georgetown.


Elements: Class Competition + Online Giving + Georgetown Brand + Winter Holiday

I started off with the idea of creating a snow globe with Georgetown’s iconic buildings inside. However, that became too busy of a visual, and so I used the scene from inside the globe as the main logo.


Through the use of both Adobe Photoshop and Canva, I was able to create 46 unique images & videos, which were shared with all ambassadors to post on both personal and official social media accounts.


Having experienced the power of a responsive and constantly up-to-date giving website through previous Giving Days, I decided this campaign could really benefit from having a website as well. I knew our marketing team would not have the bandwidth to be able to create a unique website, so I made one myself.

I created a landing page using google sites for all GGG info. The two most important aspects were that it was meticulously updated, with donor numbers updated every 2 hours during the week, and a countdown image was updated daily to increase the urgency to donate.

As you can see above, I used “Call to Action” buttons to draw attention to what I wanted the user to do. This resulted in 59 unique users clicking the links to give a total of 82 times.

I used Google Analytics to tag the site and watch how users interacted with the site. The site was viewed 209 times, by 168 unique visitors. Of the user views, 59.2% were on a mobile device, while 40.2% were on a desktop.

I created a unique link to shorten the URL and allow for brand recognition wherever it was posted: https://bit.ly/GivetheGiftofGeorgetown. (To Note: this site is currently not updated or accessible to me.)




This unique online marketing campaign was incredibly successful. Check out the results.

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