Spooning with Nicecream This Winter

IMG_8566_Facetune_27-12-2018-23-59-07Baby it’s cold outside. And, I know just the perfect cuddle buddy to keep you warm this winter…Nicecream! 

While spooning with any type of ice cream may seem counterintuitive, as it is, you know…cold! This perfect little spoon compliments a lot of delicious wintery treats.

Since ice cream is likely my favorite food I would consider myself an ice cream aficionado. Therefore, I can say, without a doubt, that the best ice cream in the DC area is Nicecream!

Elsa’s magic comes alive at each Nicecream shop! The scoop on why their handcrafted ice cream is so delicious is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream mixture super fast. This creates a rich and creamy ice cream with less aeration and ice crystals. Made right in front of your eyes, it’s dessert and a show!


There are a few ways to get in on this Nicecream spooning action: stop by one of their stores in Arlington or Old Town Alexandria, VA, or in Shaw or Adams Morgan, DC. You can buy “Nicecream coins” or gift cards to gift to friends or colleagues. You can also get this treat delivered to your door using food delivery services like Caviar or Grubhub.

Personally, I’m a big fan of picking up a pint (or two) from the store to bring home. Below I’ll show you some Holiday-themed ways to eat Nicecream. 

7 Holiday Nicecream Recipes:


1.) Ice Cream Puffs/Profiteroles: 

icecreampuffThese are my family’s go-to, guests-are-coming-over, dessert. What is nice about profiteroles is that they are very child-friendly. Some children have very specific tastes (you know, the ones who will only eat chicken fingers…). These are sure to please because they can be customized to be more complex and decadent, depending on the eater’s taste. Please find the recipe, courtesy of my mom, by clicking here.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Alicia’s Tips: Add whipped cream and homemade chocolate sauce (find Julia Child’s recipe here). My mothers’ secret? Always add vanilla when making chocolate sauce, it adds another dimension that bring out the chocolate flavor. My family serves these puffs with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or both together. You are certainly not limited here. 

2.) Espresso Affogato:


Use vanilla ice cream to make a classic affogato.


Use chocolate ice cream to create a mocha affogato.

Affogatos are an Italian dessert, where espresso shots are poured over ice cream. You can go classic with vanilla, or make a mocha version with chocolate ice cream. Because Nicecream’s ice cream has fewer ice crystals than store-bought ice cream, it is perfectly paired with espresso for this decadent dessert (or breakfast… no judgements!).

Difficulty Level: Easy, you’ll just need 2 shots of good espresso on top of your favorite Nicecream.

Alicia’s Tips: Add cinnamon on top. 

3.) Hot-Chocolate Affogato:


While espresso affogatos are the original drink, ’tis the season for a hot chocolate version.  Use your favorite hot chocolate recipe, preferably a milk-based hot chocolate. Add in a scoop of candy cane Nicecream, a dollop of whipped cream, and some candy cane sprinkles on top. Enjoy with anyone who has a child-like spirit!

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Alicia’s Tips: Make with a milk based hot chocolate for the richest and creamiest version. 

4.) Champagne Float:

ChampagnefloatAdd a twist to the traditional champagne New Year’s Toast. Use vanilla ice cream, chambord (raspberry liqueur) and fresh raspberries. The ice cream adds a smooth and creamy taste to the bubbly, sweet drink.

Difficulty Level: Easy, though alcohol additions are expensive.  

Alicia’s Tips: Use a more open faced champagne glass, rather than the flute.

5.) Ice Cream Irish Coffee: 

IrishCoffeeA traditional morning drink on days of celebration, or an after dinner sweet treat. Ring in 2019 with an Irish whiskey in the morning. An Irish Coffee is black coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream. The Nicecream will be standing in for the sugar and cream in this recipe. Though, adding a bit of whipped cream on top never hurt anyone.

For this recipe, you’ll need vanilla Nicecream, Jameson Whiskey, 8 ounce of freshly brewed coffee and a dollop of whipped cream. 

Difficulty Level: Easy. 

Alicia’s Tips: If you’re not a whiskey drinker, add a different liqueur; though it won’t be an “Irish” coffee anymore…

 6.) Warm Sundae:


Inspired by Santa’s Midnight Snack, this is an in-store baked treat. It’s a warmed brownie served à la mode mode with peppermint Nicecream, and with whipped cream on top! You can make something similar at home. Just figure out which baked good base you’ll be starting with. 

Difficulty Level: Medium. Depending on if you make the baked good base yourself.

Alicia’s Tips: While I don’t usually advocate for boxed baked goods, boxed brownies are an exception here. You can also use cookies as a base as well. 

7.) Festive Holiday Cones:

HolidayIceCreamConesFor the kids or the adults who love to eat ice cream out of a cone, here is a festive option for you. All you’ll need are chocolate chips, green and red cones, and peppermint candies. Start by melting the chocolate chips in the microwave. At the same time, put the peppermint candies in a plastic bag. Then use a spoon to break the candies into small pieces in the bag. Take the melted chocolate and coat the top portion of the cones. Then roll the chocolate area in the pieces of peppermint. Let it cool for a few minutes to solidify. Or put the cone in the freezer for a quick freeze. You can add ice cream topped with whipped cream!

Difficulty Level: Easy. 

Alicia’s Tips: If you have children with lots of energy around, letting them crush the peppermint candy is a great way to get them involved. They’ll love being involved.

So what do you say?

Let’s spoon with some Nicecream!

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P.S. Nicecream also does catering 🙂053B33B8-A48E-4C70-A987-BF18F02EB97C_1_201_a



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