About Me


This blog was started on an iPhone, in December 2016, using airport wifi in Melbourne, AUS. Let’s just say I’ve spruced it up a bit more since then…

Blogging started as a way to let my family & friends hear about my travels while I was away in Australia for a month. Turns out, I really liked sharing my thoughts, experiences, and ideas with others.

What energizes me most are engaging discussions that change the way we think. I hope that my posts can start a conversation, get you thinking in a new way, or bring some meaning to your life.

I aim to provide authentic and insightful posts that combine my love for food, adventure and people.  I encourage you to follow your curiosity more and embrace the uncertainty of living life as an adventure.

When I am not sitting behind a computer screen typing away, I am either talking with friends or family, eating/drinking something delicious, traveling somewhere new, visiting some sort of museum, focused on my wellness or cuddling with my dog watching a movie.

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Please comment with suggestions or if you would like to be featured.

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