Off to the West Coast 

My mom and I are off to California for a girl’s week vacay! Yay mother-daughter time! 😊

Our first stop will be Napa Valley to taste the California wines. Then, later we’re heading to San Francisco. I’ve been talking about going to San Francisco for over 6 years now, so I’m excited to finally make it out there and explore for a few days. Though it will only be a week away from everyday life, it is very much needed.

I’ve been super stressed and using so much mental and emotional energy to make it through each day. There are just so many ideas and decisions to make soon, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. My 25th birthday is coming up later this month, and I’ve been feeling the pressure of the imposed maturity needed to handle that age. As if I need to suddenly take myself more seriously or something. I’m pretty sure I could actually loosen up a little…😆

I read this article recently on Gweneth Paltrow’s website, Goop, which talked about the pressures that millenials are going through. The author, who was describing the issues, related everything to the achievement mentality that we have been pressured to adopt by society. We’ve been working hard to make goals happen, in hopes that we’ll finally feel successful and fulfilled. In actuality, most of the time, we’re not happy with the outcome because though it could boost our confidence, it’s not satisfying. Achieving goals is not soul food in the least.

The author was advising millenials who are feeling burnt out and confused to return to some of the hobbies they enjoyed when they were children. So it got me thinking about the things that I liked when I was a child…

I loved to dance! I took ballet, tap and jazz classes that took almost all of my Saturday’s. My true love of the 3 was ballet. So I found a class through the rec center for adult ballet. I took my first class and felt totally at home and so many wonderful memories came back. Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle and broke a bone in my foot doing an excercise class later that week. Ironically, the break is nicknamed the ballarina’s fracture… so, I was no longer able to go to my adult ballet class. 😭

But, I had other ideas and more hobbies that I’ve been thinking about. One is hosting dinner parties, which I did a lot. I love cooking for people (not myself, boring). When I was in 7th grade and my dad had not yet retired, I would make dinner for the family all on my own.  For instance, we would have sword fish, rice, salad and homemade ice cream! I even would talk to an audience if I was on a cooking show. Adorable, I know…

Similarly, I love food! I’m a foodie and so is the rest of my family. When I was 3 and visiting my family in Maine, I decided I wanted to order my own lobster. My dad said sure, knowing that he would get all the left overs. I don’t remember ordering many meals from the kids menu, preferring “adult” food. There is just something so amazing about eating something new, experiencing the tastes and textures. It’s a sensory experience which I crave, literally.

Another thing I have loved since I was young was art. I am very visually focused and enjoy looking at beautiful things, who doesn’t?! Before I went to kindergarten, I was at a daycare where my parents worked, which was right on the National Mall. I have many memories of field trips to the free museums that were literally right next door. I would say that I almost grew up in art museums.

My point being, that all these hobbies I am working to explore to fuel my soul. I think that this trip will allow me to explore these more, given that we will be going to lots of museums and eating tons of good food. The food and wine will ignite my senses and remind me why I love food so much. The art museums and architecture will excite my visual side. And, I guess I can dance whenever, wherever, so I’ll be that weird person in the park just moving to my own beat!

Hopefully, I will come back refreshed and my creativity renewed. This vacation is my soul food.


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